How The Job Interview Plays A Part in Employee Experience

An important part of the employee experience journey is asking a potential employee to attend an interview. The job interview is for a lot of companies when the first physical or face-to-face meeting takes place with a potential employee. First impressions count, and while the interviewee is endeavouring to make a good impression, it is equally important for the company interviewers to do the same. The company needs to ‘sell’ itself to the applicant, share its values and what they mean, outline the benefits and positives for working with the company, and offer a persuasive reason why the potential employees should choose them.

Outline what is expected of the interviewee in their role, the personal and professional development they will receive and how they would fit in the company. The initial interview can also take place over the telephone or via Skype, but it is important to meet and humanise the experience as soon as possible.

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