What Will Be The Employee Experience When Researching Your Company?

One factor that can influence the prospective employee and their employee experience journey is how the company is portrayed, particularly online. If a potential employee is interested in applying for the job advertised the next step will be for them to research the company. This is invariably done online using various search engines and will include the company website as well as feedback sites. Glassdoor is one such example; a website where employees, both current and past, submit their anonymous reviews of the company.

Social media is another medium potential employees will search for information on the company. The company website needs to be easily accessible, easy to use and adaptable to mobile. Jobs should be clearly advertised on the company website. The company website is also a great place to show videos from current employees describing their roles and activities and why they enjoy working at the company. These videos can also be uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites.

This is just one factor that can influence a potential employees decision on whether or not to apply for a job. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts on the employee experience. Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare.

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