How Job Advertising Can Impact The Employee Experience

How a company advertises a job can have a bearing on how engaging it will be for the potential employee. Does the company talk about themselves or the job first? Does the advert include the benefits available as part of the job? Taking the time to create a solid job advert can go a long way to creating a positive impression for the potential employee.

Traditional methods to advertise jobs include print or job websites, however using non-traditional mediums such as video, and social media are alternative ways to advertise a role. Links to videos of existing employees describing what they like about working for the company can also be included but the company needs to ensure these are genuine and not forced or fake sounding.

A job advert or posting should include an appealing job title, a strong introduction, company information, essential role requirements, benefits of working with the company, job location, accessibility, option of remote working if applicable and other details that will make the location attractive, outline of the application process.

It should go without saying but also ensure the advert is not breaking any laws!

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