Your Company Branding and How It Relates to Employee Experience

First and last impressions count when it comes to the employee experience. Before the Job Interview even occurs there are several factors to consider. These influence both the future employee and the employee who is exiting or off-boarding the company.

Company Branding

A company’s brand needs to be consistent, engaging and authentic across all mediums if it expects to attract strong talent. Some companies are household names and children hear their brand names from an early age. But what about companies that don’t have the same level of recognition? How do they make people aware of their brand? There are options available such as STEM weeks or science fairs that companies can use to increase brand awareness. There are also several initiatives available for familiarising children with a brand and benefiting the community at the same time, which include CoderDojo, VEX Robotics and Junior Achievement.

When students are choosing their future careers is a great opportunity to highlight a company and the benefits of joining its workforce. An ideal way to do this is for employees to run a Transition Year Program for 16 years old students who have an opportunity to spend a ‘hands on’ week on the company premises and experience the workplace for themselves. By including information about the company and its mission and values, and highlighting what skills are needed for different roles, in the weeks presentations, they can see examples of what the company does and its culture. Interactive activities are a great way to engage the students and ‘live’ the experience during the week. By the end of the week the students will want to work in the company if their experience has been a positive one.

Companies also should not underestimate the effect and influence they can have on the workforce of the future by meeting third level students in their developing years. Career fairs and meeting the students in person is a great way of humanising a company. Students will want to know what it is like to work for a company and what better way to find out than meeting actual employees who can tell them. The enthusiasm shown by employees in a face-to-face meeting gives a far stronger message than simply stating on a website that it is a great place to work.

The above are just some suggestions on how the employee experience can be improved before the employee even joins the company. If you have additional suggestions I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading. Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare

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