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Hello and thanks for visiting EXult You. The aims of this website and these blogs are to identify factors influencing the Employee Experience Journey and to provide insights and suggestions on how to improve the Employee EXperience.

According to Gallup’s 2017 report only 10% of employed Western Europeans are engaged at work; by comparison, the figure among U.S. employees is more than three times as high at 33%. These statistics indicate that despite a variety of employee engagement programs being developed and employee engagement being a strong focus in companies, the current approach still isn’t working.

These blogs will also explore the hypothesis that the human touch is essential, and that the complete employee experience needs to be considered, when a company is trying to improve employee engagement. The whole employee is present at work and the employee experience should consider the whole employee. By introducing the human touch and having conversations the experience is humanized for every employee. By acting on conversations, and collaborating with the employee, the employee experience is improved, resulting in improved performance for the employees and the company. These blogs will identify and explore human touch-points or factors that influence the employee experience.

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